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Model R34 yard Hydrant WATCO BUYERS GUIDE
  • Universal NuFit® Stoppers

    Replacement Stoppers

    Includes stopper. Choose from Universal NuFit®, NuFit®, Lift and Turn, PushPull®, PresFlo® and Foot Actuated configurations.
    Watco Bathtub Stopper Guide

  • Universal NuFit® Stoppers

    Bathtub Closures

    Includes stopper and drain. Choose from Universal NuFit®, NuFit®, QuickTrim, and other 11.5, 14 or 16 coarse or fine threaded closures.


  • Universal NuFit® Stoppers

    Bath Wastes

    Includes stopper, drain, piping and overflow. Choose from flexible, tubular plastic, tubular brass or Schedule 40.

  • Universal NuFit® Stoppers

    Bathtub Trim Kits

    Includes stopper, drain and overflow plate. Choose from Universal NuFit®, NuFit®, QuickTrim®, or other 11.5, 14 or 16 coarse and fine threaded.

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    We Make it Easy to Buy Watco Drains Online

  • Eagle Mountain Products Company carries the complete line of Watco bath tub drains and parts. We offer competitive pricing as well as several different models and finishes to upgrade the look of your bath tub drain in a matter of minutes. For more thorough repairs, we provide information and tips such as how to remove tub drains and other plumbing tasks.
  • Watco Drains are Easy to Install

    We offer a variety of kits which clearly indicate the level of skill involved for installation. We are extremely proud of our Universal NuFit® model that is designed to fit on top of your existing drain and does not extend down into the old tub drain. This innovative bath tub drain can be used in almost any tub and only takes minutes to install!

    The Universal NuFit®:

        • Not limited by inside diameter or depth of the strainer body.

    •     • Has a Grid Strainer option available to catch hair from going down the drain.
          • Requires strainer body flange width to be 2 7/8" or less.


    Depending on which model you chose, you can clean up the look of your tub drain and match the finish with your other bathroom fixtures. Many of our bath tub drains are available in a variety of finishes. Some options include the most-popular:

    •    • Chrome Plated
         • Brushed Chrome
         • Brushed Nickel
         • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
         • Polished Brass

      Eagle Mountain also carries a pop up drain assembly with the Push Pull® stopper that has excellent clearance for high-flow draining and easy cleaning. All of our bathtub drain covers are designed to replace worn-out or damaged fixtures and are easy to install using our do-it-yourself videos.  

    We are continuously adding to our 
    YouTube Video Library with demonstrations on how to replace or repair corroded or damaged fixtures using our high-end Watco bath tub drains.