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Outside Faucet Repair Made Easy With Woodford Video Instructions

Eagle Mountain sells quality Woodford frost free faucets with the unique brown handle that the professionals use and depend on. We also make it part of our business to provide online tutorials with tips for outside faucet repair. Be sure and check out our selection of Woodford outdoor water spigots for all your lawn care and gardening needs. 


Woodford Model 22

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The Woodford Model 22 Hot and Cold Faucet is designed and intended for year-round hot and cold irrigation and cleaning purposes regardless of outside temperature. Separate hot and cold inlet tubes allow for manually operated temperature control with cross contamination protection. The Model 22 includes a patented pressure relief valve (PRV) that prevents bursting during freezing conditions, even if a hose is inadvertently left connected to the faucet. The faucet will still freeze, however it will not rupture. As a result, this product prevents water damage when a hose is left connected.



Outside Faucet Repair: We Sell the Parts You Need to Get the Job Done

Doing an outside faucet repair is much easier with our guidance. We carry all of the parts and supplies you need for a total replacement, repair, or new installation. We make sure you do not go into the project unprepared. We tell you right from the start the tools you will need and exactly what our new Woodford faucets come packaged with. Each faucet description includes detailed specifications.


We are proud of our comprehensive online store and all we offer to our customers. Shop with us and discover:


    • The entire line of quality Woodford frost free faucets all in one place.

  •     • The convenience of knowing that if something does wear out, we carry
          an inventory of outdoor faucet parts to get it working again.
  •     • A Troubleshooting Guide and Tech-Notes for each model of
          outdoor faucet and yard hydrant we carry.
  •     • A complete explanation of how a frost free faucet works and the protection it provides.
  •     • Video demonstrations for outside faucet repair, replacement, or new installation. 


Please call Customer Service at 1-800-308-0864, Monday - Friday from 6:30AM - 4:00PM MST or email with any questions or concerns you may have. Our main goal is customer satisfaction.


Eagle Mountain has available for your convenience a YouTube Video Library with simple, step-by-step instructions on installing an outdoor faucet. Purchase with confidence any one of our Woodford products, and if you have a broken or leaky faucet, check out our tips for outside faucet repair.