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Yard Hydrant Buyers Guide


Woodford Yard Hydrants are Designed to Last

Several of our Woodford yard hydrants are built for use in extremely cold weather and will provide an immediate water flow even in sub-zero temperatures. Woodford has manufactured the IOWA® hydrant since 1929, and even if it is decades old, all parts are replaceable on-site from the top of the hydrant. For repairs, check out our inventory of Woodford outdoor faucet parts.

Variable Flow
Iowa® Y34

Yard hydrants are intended for irrigation purposes and used for filling field spray equipment, cleaning tools and equipment, lawn and garden care and watering livestock.

• Orange Color
• Immediate-flow even in sub-zero temperatures.
• Adjustable Link provides easy and positive adjustment
  of the lever lock tension.
• Rod Guide eliminates side pull on rod, reduces wear 
  on packing, packing nut and stem.
• Long-life packing includes Teflon impregnated packing in a
  deep chamber with adjustable packing nut.
• One-Piece Variable-Flow Plunger - Large cushion type seal for
   longer life - Not easily damaged, assuring shut-off, even
  when foreign particles are present.
• Automatic drain feature - plunger opens drain to prevent
  freezing and closes at any flow to prevent wasting water.
• Flow finder and lock can automatically set same flow
  each time or lock against accidental opening.

Adjustable Pivot-Block

• Immediate-flow even in sub-zero temperatures
• Automatic draining when all devices removed from nozzle.
• All metal construction - no plastic components
• Adjustable pivot block provides easy and positive
   adjustment of the lever lock in tension.
• Tamper-proof lock can be padlocked in closed position

Long-Life Valve Seat


• Immediate-flow even in sub-zero temperatures.
• Tamper-proof lock can be padlocked in closed position.
• One-piece variable-flow plunger - large cushion type seal
   for longer life - is not easily damaged and assures shut-off
  even when foreign particles are present.
• Long-life valve seat - special shape - large contact are -
  eliminates need for renewable nylon seat.

• Immediate-flow even in sub-zero temperatures.
• Automatic drain feature includes plunger opens drain
  when shut off to prevent freezing.
• Tamper-proof lock can be padlocked in closed position.
• Long-life valve seat - special shape - large contact area -
  eliminates need for renewable nylon seat..

A Woodford Yard Hydrant Makes Outdoor Watering More Efficient

Woodford yard hydrants are not designed just for commercial and agricultural use. They are a way for a residential homeowner to get a reliable source of water for lawn care and gardening. Our yard hydrants are built to be low-maintenance and trouble-free for years and years of use.  


Eagle Mountain Products is a customer-orientated business that works hard to deliver on that promise. We do not want to just sell you plumbing parts, but rather, provide you with the know-how to successfully take care of some home plumbing problems yourself.


For all Woodford yard hydrants and outdoor faucets, we offer the following:

  •     • Installation instructions and videos with detailed specifications
  •     • Troubleshooting and Maintenance guide
  •     • Explanation of how a frost free hydrant or wall faucet works
  •     • Easy to follow faucet repair instructions and a Woodford Model 17 repair kit for one of our most popular faucets.

Please call Customer Service at 1-800-308-0864, Monday - Friday from 6:30AM-4:00PM MST or email us at with any questions you may have. Orders placed before 2:00 pm MST, will be shipped the same day.


Eagle Mountain is constantly updating our YouTube Video Library to bring you simple, concise instructions on how to replace or repair plumbing problems yourself.  Purchase with confidence any one of our durable Woodford yard hydrants.