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Woodford Adjustable Rod Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Anti-Rupture Kit - Prevent Outdoor Faucet Tube from Bursting!


Prevent Outdoor Faucet Tube from Bursting Kit

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  • Prevent Outdoor Faucet Tube from Bursting Kit
  • Adjustable Operating Rod

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The Patented Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) prevents the faucet tube from bursting in freezing conditions, even if a hose is unintentionally left connected to the faucet. This kit includes all the necessary parts to retrofit the most-common 4" to 14" Woodford operating rods*. You don't have to remove the existing rod to determine rod length! Simply purchase, then install the kit. Watch the simple installation video below! Instructions and a diagram to scale is included in the kit to determine correct length rod to place into the existing Woodford faucet.

*Be sure to purchase (2) RK-ADJ-PRV kits if you have a Model 22 or V22 hot and cold faucet.

• Patented Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
• Adjustable rod fits the most-common 4" to 14" Woodford faucet lengths*

Simple Installation Video:

Kit includes:

1. 30002 - Handle Screw
2. 30096 - Round Metal Handle
3. 30059 - Packing Nut
4. 30560 - EPDM Packing Nut
5. 6" Inlet Stem
6. 6 3/4" Middle Stem
7. 5 3/16" Handle Stem
8. 3" Stem Stop
9. 2 Stainless Steel Clips
10. Diagram to-scale and Instructions

Note: Keep washer from original rod stem to place onto the new rod stem.

If purchasing kit for Hot and Cold Model 22 or V22 faucets, be sure to order 2 kits; one for the hot side and one for the cold side.

* Overall faucet tube lengths including faucet head are 6" to 16". This kit only fits Woodford outdoor faucets.  

Learn more about why outdoor faucet tubes can burst in freezing conditions.