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Universal NuFit® Push Pull® Bathtub Stopper and Drain - Configure Your Options Here!

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Universal NuFit Push Pull Grid Strainer

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  • Universal NuFit Push Pull Grid Strainer

Product Details

The Quickest Way to a Brand-New Bath Drain.

In just a few minutes you can install a shiny new drain and stopper with a Watco Universal NuFit®. No difficult time-consuming work. No tools. No extensive plumbing or repairs.
No extension into drain—covers ANY strainer body flange up to 2 7/8" in diameter. Available in Push Pull® Grid, Non-Grid or Foot Actuated Grid stopper configurations. You don’t even have to remove the old strainer body.

If you have an existing Bathtub Stopper with a pin adapter, you can print this page out at 100% to scale and determine the correct brass pin adapter to purchase for your Universal NuFit Stopper.

Check out all the Universal NuFit reviews from customers below!

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Installation Video 

Foot Actuated Trim Kit Shown in Video with either silicone adhesive or pin adapter application

Silicone is difficult to remove once the stopper is attached to the bathtub drain. If anticipating removing the stopper, the optional brass pin adapter threads into the threaded bars on the cross bars inside the drain. Silicone will be the only option if the cross bars are broken.

Removing your existing Stopper Video 
This video shows you how to remove the three most-common bathtub stoppers out of
your bathtub drain and then you can install the Universal NuFit Stopper!

Available in Chrome Plated (CP) and these designer finishes below:

Brushed Bronze (BB)
Brushed Nickel (BN)
Biscuit (BS)
Oil-Rubbed Bronze (BZ)
Chrome Brushed (CB)
Nickel Polished (NP)
Polished Brass (PB)
White (WH)



★★★★★  Exactly what I was looking for

Got tired of trying to find rubber stoppers that fit my tub. This stopper was so easy to install and it looks and works fantastically. Looks like it's always been there.

★★★★★  Worked For What I Needed

I have an old cast iron tub that I was having reglazed. The old drain was the screw in kind and the bathtub glazer told me that in a house as old as mine (1952) it would be rusted to the drain below and really difficult to get out, requiring a plumber. The drain was rusty and old looking so when I was spending the $$ to make the tub look pretty it felt silly to just leave the drain but I didn't want to spend a TON more $$ on a plumber. I came across this glue in drain and it totally did the trick. My drain was concave so it didn't sit in perfectly, but silicone and some heavy books on top over night and the drain is seated and completely stuck down. Really easy and inexpensive fix.

★★★★★  Great product. easy installation

Great product, very easy to install, no tool necessary

★★★★★  Exactly what I need to cover up the old drains

It was as easy to install as the television advertisements said. It took only a couple of minutes to do and 3 hours drying time for the silicone. Looks neat and works great.


★★★★★  These are great!

Our tub drain flanges looked terrible (we have two). These fit right over the drain flange and will transform the look of your tub. Installation was fairly easy. On one tub the combo pin fit but I had to really screw it down with a wrench to get the stopper to fit tight enough to keep water in the tub. On our other tub, neither side of the pin would fit so I ended up having to use the silicone adhesive, which is fine. The stopper has a strainer that keeps hair and other things out of the drain. I have showered several times since installing the stopper and there is no reduction in flow of water out of the tub. You will have to clean hair out of the stopper but that is not a problem. I am very pleased with my purchase. Please view the attached photos so you can see how nice this product looks on my tub.

★★★★★  works great.

Used this to replaced the function of a trip lever. Exact fit for the existing drain cover. Step on and release solidly. No leaking. Did not use the sealant or the larger adapter.


★★★★★  Two thumbs up!

Looks really nice and was incredibly easy to install. The plug works well too, you don't have to worry about water getting through if you want to take a bath. Would absolutely recommend this product.

★★★★★  Great product

Great product and easy to install just what we needed

★★★★★  Pricey but a cool product

This was the simplest way I found to replace our old shiny brass drains in two of our tubs. Instead of having to remove the entire assembly this product fits over the old one. Our contractor that installed it had never seen one before but was impressed with how it works, looks, and the ease of install. It is a little pricey for just a drain stopper but we had to have it to match our new oil rubbed bronze fixtures!

★★★★★  Super easy to install

I have zero plumbing experience and this stopper was super easy to install. I converted all of my fixtures to brushed nickel and wanted to change out the stopper too and also wanted a strainer for hair and debris. Looks and works great. A little on the pricey side compared to other stoppers but overall happy with the purchase.

★★★★★  Great Product

This product works as advertised and saves a lot of plumbing work. I used this item for a hand wash basin in the bathroom that originally had a push/pull type of shut-off for the drain. I did not care for the replacements for the original which all required disassembling the drain pipes out of the basin. OK-enter this product which installed in 5 minutes & ready to use in 3 hours. Very pleased with the results. A side note; the drain does flow slower then the original as the original had no strainer in place. However, it is not a problem as it still drains completely, just slower. If replacing again, I would use the unit without the strainer installed in the unit. Both types are available.



• Grid Strainer available to catch hair or foreign objects from going into drain. (Push Pull also available in a non-grid)

• Push Pull® stopper with excellent clearance for high-flow draining and easy cleaning

• Foot Actuated stopper with a grid strainer only option available.

• Installs with silicone adhesive or a brass pin adapter (need cross bars in drain).

• Most common Pin Adapter - 3/8-5/16 in. Combo pin, #10-24 and 1/4-20 Pins also available.

• Available to purchase a one-, two-hole or Innovator® snap-on overflow plate.