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Watco Products

  • Universal NuFit Bathtub Stopper Universal NuFit Bathtub Stopper

    Watco Universal Nufit Bathtub Stopper and Drain Kits
    If you need to replace a broken bathtub stopper or just want to freshen up the look of your tub, the Watco Universal NuFit® is the quickest, simplest way to do it. This innovative, patented tub stopper and drain comes with in a selection of configurations as well as a choice of the most popular finishes. At Eagle Mountain Products, we are proud to be the official online retailer for Watco Manufacturing, and as such, we carry the entire line of products and replacement parts.

    To find out what size pin adapter you will need for your bathtub drain, remove your stopper and place the pin on this pin guide to determine your pin size. The most commonly used pin adapter is the combo 3/8-5/16 in. reversible pin. There is also a #10-24 and 1/4-20 pin adapter that can be purchased.

    There are Grid "-G" to catch foreign debris and non-grid Universal NuFit Push Pull configurations available to purchase.

    Silicone is difficult to remove once the stopper is attached to the bathtub drain. If anticipating removing the stopper, the optional brass pin adapter threads into the threaded bars on the cross bars inside the drain. Silicone will be the only option if the cross bars are broken.

  • Watco Replacement Stoppers Watco Replacement Stoppers

    Browse our Full Selection of
    Quality Watco Tub Stoppers
    Eagle Mountain Products offers high-quality Watco tub stoppers in a choice of the following configurations: Universal NuFit®NuFit®Lift and TurnPushPull®PresFlo® and Foot Actuated. By providing a range of installation choices and configurations, we make it easy to replace a broken or corroded stopper without the need of any prior plumbing experience. Just watch our step-by-step videos to see how it is done. One of the easiest ways to freshen up the look of an old tub is to install one of our attractive, easy-to-operate Watco tub stoppers.

  • Watco Overflow Plates Watco Overflow Plates

    Choice of Overflow Plates for
    Watco Drains and Stoppers
    At Eagle Mountain Products, we carry the entire line of genuine Watco drains, tub stoppers and bath waste products as well as one and two-hole, trip-lever, and Innovator Snap-On overflow plates. As a convenience, we offer trim kits that are packaged with your choice of stopper, drain and overflow plate configurations in a variety of attractive finishes. Easy to install and designed to fit virtually any size tub, you can feel confident purchasing one of our durable, low maintenance Watco drains.

  • Watco Bath Wastes Watco Bath Wastes
  • Watco Bathtub Trim Kits Watco Bathtub Trim Kits

    Includes stopper, drain
    and overflow plate.

    Choose from Universal NuFit®, NuFit®, QuickTrim®, or other 11.5, 14 or 16 coarse and fine threaded trim kits.

  • Watco Tub Drain Closures Watco Tub Drain Closures

    Includes stopper and drain.
    Choose from Universal NuFit®, NuFit®, QuickTrim, and other 11.5, 14 or 16 coarse and fine threaded closures.

  • Watco Lavatory Drains Watco Lavatory Drains

    Introducing the Watco IdealLav™ Lavatory Drain that is the only lav drain to offer an internal stopper and replaceable grid strainers. Lavatory drains available in Plastic with Plastic Strainer, Plastic with Brass Strainer, Brass with Plastic Strainer or Brass with Brass Strainer. All grid strainers are replaceable! Available in Chrome or Brushed Nickel finishes.

  • Watco Parts Watco Parts

    Shop the Entire Inventory of
    Genuine Watco Drain Parts
    Since we sell the complete line of Watco drain parts, it means you are able to purchase sealsbushings, screws, and removal tools for each and every Watco product we make. Our durable stoppers and drains are designed for ease of installation and provide years of operation with very little maintenance. Furthermore, we offer customers instructional videos for help with installing the products. As the official online retailers, Eagle Mountain Products makes it easy to repair or replace your tub drain with our full line of genuine Watco drain parts.


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Bathtub Drains are Not All Made the Same

Watco bathtub drains are quality products that have been the choice of professional plumbers since the 70s. Now due to a new innovative design you can make an old bathtub drain look like new in less than five minutes with one of our Universal NuFit® Tub Trim Kits by Watco. This type of tub drain repair requires very little work and no extensive plumbing or repairs are involved and fits right over the drain.

If you are looking for some help with a tub drain removal, check out our video library. We will show you exactly how to do the job and what tools you need. Each of our drain packages include detailed specifications.

A New Bathtub Drain Can Help Clean Up the Look of an Old Bathtub

Replacing a bathtub drain is a quick and easy way to update the look of your bathtub. A corroded or damaged drain is simple to repair, and with the variety of 14 finishes we offer, you will be able to match it to all your other bathroom fixtures including your tub overflow cover. Choosing the right drain system will ensure you years of trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance. We provide a bathtub drain diagram if you need assistance with the repair.

We want our customers to be satisfied and know that they have purchased the finest drains on the market..

Watco products are also easy to care for:

  • There is no need to use abrasive or caustic cleaning agents as they may permanently discolor or damage the finish of the product.
  • And it is recommended that you just use warm soapy water applied with a soft cloth.

Be sure and check out our You Tube Video Library. It provides step-by-step demonstrations on how to install or repair plumbing problems yourself. Eagle Mountain Products is proud be the official retailer of Watco bathtub drains.