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UNIVERSAL NUFIT® PUSH PULL® - Bathtub Stopper Only - Silicone or Pin Adapter NOT INCLUDED - Just stopper - Chrome-Plated

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The Quickest Way to a
Brand-New Bath Drain.

In just a few minutes you can install a sparkling,shiny new drain and stopper with a Watco Universal NuFit®. No difficult, time-consuming work. No tools. No extensive plumbing or repairs. No extension into drain—covers ANY strainer body flange up to 2 7/8" in diameter.

You don’t even have to remove the old strainer body. In about the same time as it takes you to read this, a dingy, corroded or broken bathtub drain is a thing of the past. Is it magic? Almost, when it’s Watco.

Watco Universal NuFit
® is the quickest, easiest, most economical way to replace old, corroded, worn-out tub drains. This makes it ideal for high-volume installations, adding new life and appeal to tubs in minutes.

Click here to purchase  Universal NuFit® without a grid strainer.

Installation Video (shows both bonding strip and silicone adhesive applications):


• Universal NuFit® does not extend down into the drain which means it can be
  used in almost any bathtub
• No longer limited by inside diameter or depth of the strainer body
• Grid Strainer (G) option available to catch hair from going into drain.
• Bonding strip option available to secure Universal NuFit® to existing strainer body
• Push Pull® stopper with excellent clearance for high-flow draining and easy cleaning
• Covers strainer body flanges up to 2-7/8 inches in diameter
• Installs with silicone adhesive (supplied)
• Available with one-hole, two-hole, with or without grid strainer or purchase with a Watco Innovator® overflow plate

Available in chrome plated and four special finishes:

Chrome (CB) 
Nickel (BN)
Brass (PB) 
Bronze (BZ)