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Woodford Products

  • Woodford Wall Faucets Woodford Wall Faucets

    Woodford Faucets -
    Buy With Confidence
    Eagle Mountain Products sells the full line of quality Woodford faucets and yard hydrants that the professionals use and depend on. To make it easy to buy online, we provide detailed specifications for each model we sell and make available step-by-step videos for installation and repair. Choose from a variety of Woodford outdoor faucets including the Model 19 with a pressure relief valve to prevent faucet tube from bursting in freezing conditions. Buyers Guide

  • Woodford Faucet Repair Kits Woodford Faucet Repair Kits

    Convenient, Ready made Woodford Faucet Repair Kits
    In an effort to make it simple to repair or upgrade our outdoor faucets, we offer Woodford Faucet Repair Kits for any product produced since the start of Woodford Manufacturing back in 1929. These handy kits contain everything you need to successfully tackle repairs to keep your Woodford operating in tiptop condition. In addition take advantage of our instructional videos that show you how to do the job. One of the advantages of our quality outdoor water faucets is that you can readily find replacement part or upgrade them by using our Woodford faucet repair kits. Buyers Guide

  • Woodford Yard Hydrants Woodford Yard Hydrants

    Woodford Hydrants – Built to Last!

    Our durable Woodford hydrants have a reputation of lasting for decades.  The IOWA® Yard Hydrant marked the beginning of the Woodford Hydrant Company in 1929, and based on the original, the Model IOWA® Y34 is our most popular yard hydrant almost ninety years later. The sturdy hydrant supplies an immediate water flow even during sub-zero temperatures!  Eagle Mountain Products also sells all of the parts to repair or upgrade any of our current or obsolete models.  In addition our website supplies detailed information and instructional step-by-step videos for installing or repairing one of our Woodford hydrants or outdoor faucets. For the best yard hydrant on the market, buy one of our dependable Woodford hydrants.

  • Woodford Wall Hydrants Woodford Wall Hydrants

    A Woodford Wall Hydrant Meets
    Many Commercial Needs
    Eagle Mountain has a Woodford wall hydrant that is appropriate for almost any watering need. Browse the models below to find the Woodford wall hydrant with the features you require. For example, our popular Woodford 65 hydrants are frost free, auto draining and anti-siphon. And our Woodford Lawn Sprinkler Supply hydrant is an excellent water source for things like decorative ponds and water features. Commercial applications. The Model 65 and Model 67 are highly-durable and provide automatic draining features, even with a hose attached.

  • Vacuum Breakers / Backflow Prev. Vacuum Breakers / Backflow Prev.

    Woodford Vacuum Breakers –
    Get the Very Best!
    Our durable anti-siphon Woodford vacuum breakers are designed to protect your hose connection from contamination, and some of our models are intended for use in freezing temperatures. Also our exclusive Woodford 50H Series protects from splash-back and is the first ASSE 1052 approved automatic draining high-flow double-check backflow preventer. It is available in a choice of brass or chrome and 1/2" or 3/4" threads.

  • Woodford Plumbing Parts Woodford Plumbing Parts

    Purchase parts, including Operating RodsEPDM Packing, Valve Seat Rubber, Y34 packing, Y34 Head, etc. for each and every Woodford outdoor wall faucet or hydrant made since 1929. Buyers Guide

Additional Resources

Outdoor Faucets Made by Woodford – Buy What the Professionals Use

It is a smart decision to buy the outdoor faucet with the unique brown handle that has been the choice of plumbers for years. Eagle Mountain Products is the only official online retailer of Woodford Manufacturing and we sell the full line of outdoor faucets. Check out our outside faucet repair instructions and parts.

We Work Hard to Make Sure You Can Find the Right Outdoor Faucet

We include detailed specifications on each model of outdoor faucets we sell, including the Woodford model 17 faucet. As a service to our customers, Eagle Mountain also provides an extensive on-going collection of step-by-step videos to use as a guide for your do-it-yourself installations and repairs on your faucet.

Why you should buy a frost free Woodford outdoor faucet?

  • Any climate that experiences freezing conditions should install frost free faucets.
  • Provide peace of mind and protection for your home against expensive water damage caused by frozen pipes and prevents costly repairs*

* Remember to remove your hose from the faucet before freezing conditions occur so not to potentially cause a bursting pipe. If you accidentally leave your hose connected to the faucet during freezing conditions, the Model 19, 22 and 122 include a Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) will prevent a pipe from bursting. The faucet tube will have frozen water in it until thawing occurs, however it will not burst the pipe. You can upgrade your existing Woodford Model 14, 16 and 17 with an Adjustable Rod with a PRV.

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We are constantly updating our You Tube Video Library to bring you simple, concise instructions on how to replace or repair plumbing problems yourself. Purchase with confidence any of our selection of durable Woodford outdoor faucets.