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Model 32 Lawn Sprinkler Wall Hydrant C Inlet 4 Inch

Item #32C-4

Lawn Sprinkler Wall Hydrant C Inlet 4 Inch

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  • Lawn Sprinkler Wall Hydrant C Inlet 4 Inch

Product Details

The Woodford Lawn Sprinkler Supply is designed for irrigation purposes to be used as the supply valve for lawn sprinkler systems. This unit can also be used as a water supply for water features decorative ponds etc. It can be used in conjunction with any reduced pressure backflow preventer double checkor pressure vacuum breaker that protects the system from backflow.

The Woodford Model 32 provides outside access to the water supply for start-up winterizing and servicing the lawn sprinkler system. Installation of the Model 32 reduces the time spent in scheduling service calls or multiple visits and does not require the contractor to enter the residence. It is k
ey operated and utilizes a removable drain plug allowing the service contractor to winterize the system at anytime protecting the property owner’s investment.

Two valve inlets are available:
P Inlet: combination 3/4” FPT & 1” MPT or
C Inlet: 3/4” copper sweat.
Two outlet fittings are included: ¾” NPT & 1” NPT.

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