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Model R34 Yard Hydrant

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Product Details

The Woodford R34 freezeless yard hydrant is intended for irrigation purposes and offers immediate water flow even in sub-zero temperatures. The R34 can be used for many applications such as filling field spray equipment, cleaning equipment or tools, livestock watering, garden and lawn care. The shut-off valve for the hydrant is below the frost line when installed properly, which allows the water in the standpipe to drain out a hole in the valve body. When the hydrant is shut-off, and all devices removed from nozzle, the hydrant will drain and not freeze. The Woodford R34 has a 1 inch (1-5/16 inch O.D.) Galvanized Steel Pipe Casing

BURY DEPTH + 33 inches above ground = Total length of the hydrant 

R34-1 = 1 FOOT BURY = 45 inches total
R34-2 = 2 FOOT BURY = 57 inches total
R34-3 = 3 FOOT BURY = 69 inches total
R34-4 = 4 FOOT BURY = 81 inches total
R34-5 = 5 FOOT BURY = 93 inches total
R34-6 = 6 FOOT BURY = 105 inches total

• 3/4 inch N.P.T. 
• Made in the USA!
• Ductile iron head and handle assembly
• All metal construction (No plastic parts)
• Cast brass valve body
• 1/8 inch NPT drain hole
• Long-life graphite packing
• One-piece variable flow plunger and drain feature
• Adjustable pivot block provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock in tension
• 3/8 inch steel operating rod with brass stem