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RHMC Roof Hydrant - Mild Climate - Without Mounting System

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RHMC - Roof Hydrant

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Product Details

The Woodford RHMC Roof Hydrant is backflow protected with a field testable ASSE 1052 dual check backflow preventer. Not included: The RHMC-MS with Mounting System allows for installation flexibility. It is not necessary to install hydrant when hydrant support is mounted to the roof. The hydrant support utilizes a 3″ diameter opening that allows the hydrant to be installed or easily removed at a later time. All necessary mounting hardware for proper installation on a commercial roof is supplied, including a 2 degree shim for pitch adjustment.


Hydrant Features:
• Brass Head casting
• EPDM packing prevents leaking
• Adjustable packing nut brass nut with deep stem guard
• Standard “O” size seat washer
• Powder coated metal wheel handle
• All hydrant repairs can be made from the top without removing the hydrant


• Hose Connection Backflow Preventer:
• Model 50HF with 3/4″ hose connection
• ASSE 1052 Listed
• Field Testable Dual Check holds against 125 psi backflow pressure
• 1″ N.P.T. male inlet connection.
• 1″ U.S. made galvanized pipe.
• Maximum Working Pressure: 125 p.s.i.
• Maximum Temperature: 120° F


Mounting System: (Can be ordered Separately)

• Cast iron Hydrant Support

• Cast iron Under Deck Flange
• 4 bolts draw tight against the roof decking and the hydrant support.
• 3 clamp screws tighten against the hydrant pipe to secure the hydrant’s vertical position through the roof.
• Well Seal seals tight between the hydrant support and hydrant pipe.
• EPDM Boot covers well seal and top of hydrant support.
• 2° Shim is supplied, if needed, for installation on pitched roofs.
Manufactured under U.S. patent 7,472,718, 7,730,901 and patents pending.