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The Eagle Mountain Products Company is proud to be the only authorized online retailer of Woodford outdoor faucets and Watco bathtub drains. We offer a large inventory of the very finest, and most durable faucets and drains available.  We value your business and work hard to provide you the resources to ensure you find the right products for all your needs.


Woodford Outdoor Faucets and Watco Bathtub Drains Make it Easy for Do-It-Yourself Projects 

Eagle Mountain Products can show you how to make your plumbing repairs or replacement jobs easier with our entire library of do-it-yourself videos that walk you through a project. Our instructional videos have step-by-step demonstrations that allow you to save time and money so you can tackle plumbing problems on your own. 


In many cases, our products are smartly designed to install quickly and simply without much work at all. For more comprehensive jobs, we show you the tools and supplies you will need to complete the project. Let Eagle Mountain guide you through our convenient online store for all of your plumbing needs. We offer competitive pricing along with a vast inventory and selection on all of our Woodford outdoor faucets and Watco bathtub drains. Woodford Manufacturing Company just celebrated 83 years in the business and is the premier manufacturer of outdoor water faucets, frost free hydrants, yard hydrants, vacuum breakers, backflow preventers and Woodford outdoor faucet parts. Woodford acquired Watco Manufacturing Company in 1986. Watco remains the leading manufacturer in new construction, remodel and rehab projects for bath drains, lavatory drains, bath stoppers, bathtub plugsbathtub trim kitsbathtub closures and bathtub parts.

Be sure to check out our You Tube Video Library for simple, concise instructions on how to replace or repair your faucets or drains using our high quality, durable Woodford outdoor faucets or Watco bathtub drains.